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Tax Forms

Tax forms, or corrected tax forms, that can be delivered electronically or by mail.

Tax Item

Identifies whether the transactions of a category are either taxable or tax-deductible. This information is used to organize and sort transactions.

Term of CD

The length of time from the date the certificate of deposit is opened to the date it matures.

Transaction Date

The date the transaction cleared or the date the transaction is scheduled to be completed.

Transaction Description

The first line of information is a short description of the transaction. The following information may also be displayed:
  • Scheduled transaction. For scheduled transfers or bill payments, the date the next transaction is scheduled to be processed.
  • Scheduled transaction in process. Bill payments scheduled today for which processing is not yet completed.
  • Transaction not yet cleared. Transactions posted today for which processing is not yet completed.
  • Category information. If you are able to assign categories to completed transactions, this information is displayed. For transactions split across categories, Split is displayed.


A movement of funds from one account at our financial organization to another.