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Scheduled Transactions

Transactions that are pending completion or are awaiting processing.

Secured Socket Layer (SSL)

A security protocol to enable encrypted, authenticated communications across the Internet.

Security Code (CVV)

The 3-digit number that appears on the back of your card in the signature box.

Send On

The date that each payment will be initiated to the payee. This is also the date on the check.

Standard Category

Standard categories are general transaction categories we have created for all customers to use. Category information can be used to organize your transactions and to sort them on online reports. Standard categories cannot be added, edited, or deleted.

Starting Balance

The daily starting balance in your account. The previous day's transactions are posted and the account balanced to create the new starting balance.

Starting Check Number

The starting check number for checks that we send on your behalf.


Account statements that can be delivered electronically or by mail.

Stop a Check

Request to stop payment on one or more checks. Typically, these requests are made when a check has been lost or stolen.