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Customize Your Accounts

The Customize Your Accounts page is used to define information about your Online Banking accounts. For accounts you have with us, you can personalize account descriptions and select the accounts you want visible on Online Banking pages. You may also be able choose which accounts are used to pay bills online. For external accounts, you can personalize the account descriptions.

You can access the Customize Your Accounts page by clicking the Customize Your Accounts link on the Customer Service Index page.
  1. Click Customer Service menu.

    Result: The Customer Service Index page is displayed.

  2. Click Customize Your Accounts.

    Result: The Customize Your Accounts page is displayed.

  3. If you want a personalized account name to be displayed when you use Online Banking, enter a Description.
  4. You can choose what account information you want to view online. Select Hide Account if you no longer want to view the account information online. Deselect Hide Account if you want to view information for the account online.
    Note: You must be able to view at least 1 account online. Also, if you change this information for a sub-account of a main account (for example, a time deposit on a CD) all other sub-accounts are automatically changed as well.
  5. If Use for Bill Payment is available, you can change which account is used to pay bills or add another account from which to pay bills. Select this option if you want to pay bills from the account and deselect it if you no longer want it used to pay bills.
    Note: When you deselect an account for Bill Payment, any scheduled payments are automatically deleted. If you have only one account that can be used to pay bills and want to deselect it, please contact us to complete this change.
  6. If available, you can choose to enter a starting check number for checks that we send on your behalf.
    Note: This number should not overlap with checks that you have already used or will use in the future.
  7. Click Submit.

    Result: The Customize Your Accounts Confirmation page is displayed.